Milos Skating Rink MLO


Public Skating Sessions: Players can gather and roleplay activities like public skating sessions, birthday parties, or even romantic dates.

Competitive Skating: The MLO might be used for roleplayed figure skating competitions or roller derby matches (depending on the server’s features).

Skating Rink Employees: Some servers might allow players to take on jobs as skate rental staff, security guards, or even concession stand workers.

Location v3(-842.8382, -1204.6969, 6.3594, 215.5086)


Milos Skating Rink MLO likely refers to a downloadable mod (MLO) that adds a custom interior for a to the game. MLO stands for “Map Location Override” and essentially replaces an existing space in the game world with a new one.

Here’s a breakdown of what a “Milos Skating Rink MLO” might offer:

  • Functional Skating Rink Interior: This MLO would likely create an ample indoor space with a smooth surface designed for roller skating or ice skating (depending on the MLO’s design). It could include features like:
    • Walls with rink markings and decorations.
    • Benches for skaters to put on and take off their skates.
    • A sound system for playing music.
    • Props like cones or barriers can be added for practicing maneuvers.

Location v3(-842.8382, -1204.6969, 6.3594, 215.5086)

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