FiveM shop are custom stores create by server owners to give their communities new ways to interact and roleplay. These shops can sell anything imaginable, offering an experience far beyond what’s possible in the vanilla GTA V experience. Some popular examples include:

In the world of FiveM (a popular modification framework for Grand Theft Auto V), FiveM Shops are custom stores create by server owners to offer players a way to purchase in-game items, vehicles, weapons, or other special resources. These shops often play a crucial role in a FiveM server’s economy.

Types of FiveM Shops

  • Script-Based Shop: These shops are built using scripting languages (like Lua) and integrate into the FiveM server. They provide a high level of customization and can feature unique interactions and interfaces.
  • MLO Shops:MLO (Multi-Level Objects) are custom interiors. FiveM Shops can be create as MLOs, providing an immersive physical location for players to visit and browse items.
  • Vehicle Dealerships: Purchase unique, customized cars or motorcycles.
  • Clothing Stores: Outfit your character with the latest fashions and accessories.
  • Weapon Shops: Gear up with both legal and illegal firearms.
  • Convenience Stores and Supermarkets: Stock up on snacks, drinks, and other essential items for roleplaying.
  • Specialized Stores: These cater to specific interests – pet shops, jewelry stores, housing markets, and more!
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